SIA ACS Contractor Scheme

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) introduced the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) to raise performance standards within the security industry.  The ACS is the quality benchmark within security, and sets out criteria that companies must adhere to in order to be SIA ACS Approved.

Whilst currently being a voluntary scheme, many security companies are finding that existing and potential clients are requiring security service providers to be SIA ACS accredited.  Becoming an SIA ACS Approved company demonstrates to your customers that your company has a commitment to providing a quality service, and therefore gives you a competitive edge.

If you would like to achieve SIA ACS Accreditation, Total Training Consultancy offers the complete service to help you.

Assistance with the SIA ACS Workbook

The first stage of your SIA ACS accreditation is to complete the substantial SIA online Workbook. This document requires that you complete more than 90 statements about your company, providing evidence of how you meet each of the requirements of the SIA ACS.

This is initially a daunting task for most.  We have vast experience with this sizeable document and have helped many security companies to complete the Workbook. During this stage it is important to us that we understand your current processes and documentation and ensure that it is reflected accurately in the Workbook document. We may highlight areas in which you require new procedures to be implemented.

In such cases we provide relevant documentation, consultancy and advice to make certain that you are confident in any new procedures.

Providing a Quality System and Continued Consultancy

Significantly we work with the processes you already have in order to develop and document an ACS-compliant quality system for you that fits your way of working.  This allows your company to achieve Approved Contractor status without reinventing your business.

Many of our clients have numerous questions and queries throughout the SIA ACS process.  We ensure that our professional staff are always available to respond to these and provide relevant information at all stages.  During the time you are working with us, you will gain confidence, and become fully conversant with the working practice of the ACS.

Our SIA ACS Service

With a solid background in security we have vast experience in this area. We are proud to have assisted and guided many security companies through the SIA ACS route, to successful accreditation.

Our 100% success rate is testament to our knowledge and expertise in this area.

Related Training

As a qualified provider of training we can provide clients with any training deemed necessary as part of the ACS process. In particular our existing clients have requested training on Vetting & Screening. Find Out More Here

SIA ACS Assessment

Following completion of the online Workbook, the second part to gaining SIA ACS accreditation is to successfully pass the required Assessment.  Our aim is to fully prepare you and your company for this Assessment, and guide you through the process.  This involves helping you to select an Assessing Body and arrange an Assessment date.

The majority of our clients request that we conduct a Pre-Assessment Visit, where we can attend your business premises and check all your processes and documentation in order to prepare you for your Assessment.  Many clients also wish a member of our team to attend on your Assessment Visit, which of course we are happy to do and we will ensure you are confident during this important day.

We help companies of all sizes

We help companies of all sizes, from the largest UK agencies down to small regional firms.
Our services help you thrive in what has become a tightly regulated regulated and highly competitive environment.

Take a read how we’ve helped some companies already.

Cape Meridian Limited

“We have achieved Approved Contractor status for four years, and this would not be possible without Total Training Consultancy as our consultant. Bobbie, the Managing Director, has brought a lifetime of knowledge and experience to our company”

Ryan de Almeida, Managing Director


“I am delighted to note [your client]’s recent achievement of ACS status. It was clear that this firm had received sound advice and expert assistance. As you were their consultants for the project, it is to your credit that they have achieved this recognition.”

Accreditation & Certification Manager

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Our team of Quality, Security and Training consultants are experienced at helping organisations of all sizes to achieve their accreditation goals. See how we can help you by requesting a call back today.

Need Help? Request a Callback

Our team of Quality, Security and Training consultants are experienced at helping organisations of all sizes to achieve their accreditation goals. See how we can help you by requesting a call back today. Click the button below to send us a text message so we can call you back.

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